Kimberly Calongne Tara (CPA/CTC) is the owner of The Tara CPA Firm, LLC based in Metairie. Kimberly loves her job and hopes to expand the practice further into the digital world (while remaining local, of course). Kimberly and her husband, Chance, are mom and dad to three sweet boys–Hunter, 5; Gage, 3; and Beckett, 18 months–with one on the way. Their son, Hunter, was diagnosed with Autism in 2020, and together, the duo has created their family blog, Messy Wonderful, where they share their journey and give advice for parents.

Date Night
With three kids ages five and under, along with crazy work schedules, date nights are too infrequent these days. When we do get out, though, you will find us at Fausto’s–a hidden Metairie gem.

We started a family travel blog in 2020 because we had so many friends asking us how we continued to travel with little ones. Now our blog has evolved into a business where we talk about large family travel and traveling with little ones, and we’ve most recently started adding in more about our journey with our oldest son’s autism diagnosis.

Spring Activity
The boys look forward to both strawberry picking and blueberry picking each year. They love getting their own buckets and searching the rows for the perfect strawberry.

Chattanooga is our favorite place to travel that is within driving distance from the Nola area. We actually have two really great blog posts talking about all the fun things to do there with kids and great places to eat & hike.

Family Fun
Audubon Zoo and Sky Zone are favorites. We have a membership and love our trips to the zoo so the boys can be outside, get some energy out, and learn about animals all at the same time. Sky Zone is another great place for three little boys with tons of energy. You’ll find us there on super hot or super cold days, since it’s indoors.

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