November 3, 2020 

I don’t know if I have a favorite holiday; they’re all amazing in their own way, each with specific traditions associated with them, at least in my family.

But through the years, Thanksgiving seems to edge out the others as my favorite. With family and friends cooking together for hours in the kitchen, the divine aromas wafting through the house, and then a shared leisurely meal followed by raucous football watching, it’s quite perfect in my mind. The love and camaraderie are what stand out when I recall my Thanksgivings gone by.  

And now there’s the coronavirus, and this year will be very different. We’ll only have five of us safely gathered together, and the afternoon will end early, with way more than enough leftovers to feed us all for days. 

But that’s okay.  

You wanna know why? Because my little family is blessed to have each other and be together this holiday. 

And while November is traditionally slated as the time for giving thanks, I don’t think this month should have a monopoly on thankfulness. Not just this year, or this November, or during this epidemic. I’m thankful every day, all year long, that we’re here with one another, making our way, and growing older together.  

Other things that are traditional to November? Nola Family’s annual guide to Thanksgiving camps for working parents needing professionally-run fun spots for the kids out on break. We also have a slew of school open houses this month on the calendar for those families exploring new options in all age ranges. Too, our bookshelf selections are fun children’s books focusing on Thanksgiving, one in particular on being thankful. 

And while community giving is always explored by our team in November, this year we looked at organizations that are helping those more directly affected by coronavirus.  

Timely in this issue are our two health articles. One explores the fitness of kids during COVID times, and the other delves into how to spot whether your child has a cold, allergies, flu or COVID. 

So, grab some place cards and construction paper for the kids to decorate and put on the table. Fire up the oven, fight over the TV remote, and make some wonderful memories together.   

Wishing you and yours a special Thanksgiving, 

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