Ask the Experts- Live Fertility Chat For those who joined us for the Vivere-Audubon Surgery Center Live Facebook chat on Fertility,we thank you. For those who want to see what was asked and the answers, here is the wrap up on the chat! The experts that weighed in:   Dr. Lindsay Wells and Dr. Ronald Clisham. Both board-certified endocrinologists with Audubon Fertility Clinic.  
  • Question: Welcome Doctors , I'm happy that you are here to answer questions ?? I am a 30 year old female Married almost 5 years in march , my Husband and I have been trying to conceive for a very long time I was diagnosed with PCOS in September of 2010, we have been TTC and it hasn't happen yet what kind of fertility drugs can you recommend me???
    • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Wells -- if it's only an ovulatory factor, then often a combination of Metformin and ovulation induction agents such as Clomid, are used. We would typically do a glucose tolerance test first to see if Metformin is indicated.
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  •  I've gotten pregnant one time, it was ectopic and my previous doctor in Houston put me on parlodel to lower my prolactin levels and after 3 months I got pregnant , that was in 2010 could my prolactin level still be a factor
  • Question: Is there a natural way to treat PCOS?
  • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Clisham -- if the patient is overweight, we usually recommend lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise. There are also vitamin supplements you can take that contain Inositol which may aid in insulin resistance, a typical component of PCOS.
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  • K- Weight is not a problem for me , missed menustral and acne are my major symptoms
  •  Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine K- if weight is not a problem and you're having problems with acne, this suggests elevated levels of androgen and the cause of this would need to be determined.
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  • Question:  What is the best way for someone uninsured with a modest income to get fertility help?
  • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Clisham. The majority of couples that come to us don't require the most advanced and expensive forms of fertility therapy. For those requiring more advanced therapies, there are companies that will underwrite fertility treatments and we also work with a financing company, CapEx, that is specifically for fertility patients.
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  • Question: Hi! I'm so excited to have this chance to ask all of my questions. Can you please tell me how fertility is affected as you age? What screening processes are available to women who are of advanced maternal age?Women seem to be focusing on career first and family later these days. I'd like to know how that works for women who are planning their families this way.
  • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine  typically we use a couple of screening tests for ovarian reserve, including a blood test called AMH, and an ultrasound to measure the number of antral follicles.
  • Question: " have you all heard about using raw egg whites-- as in, from a chicken---to aid natural insemination? To help the sperm make it to the egg... She's thinking about trying it. Is it dangerous to put raw egg whites inside like that?"Unlike · Reply · 1 · January 20 at 6:28pm
      •  Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Clisham -- I have heard of this, but in my opinion, I don't think it would solve the problem of insufficient cervical mucous as the mucous problem is not only at the cervix but also in the uterine cavity.
  • Question: "Can you please ask the dr.s the following: When going through IVF, how many fertilized eggs do they recommend implanting?"
  •  Question: " I have in the past underwent IVF and FRET and have implantation issues. The only time an embryo implanted it turned out to be ectopic...What do you think can be done to increase success of implanation in a otherwise healthy 31 year old woman? Other than numerous meds, acupunture, eating healthy and exercise?"·

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      •  Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine This is Dr. Wells - it's a difficult question to answer without knowing your full history, but if an embryo fails to implant its either a problem with the embryo itself which is usually genetic or a problem with the uterine lining which could be due to a number of issues.
      • Nola Baby & Family Magazine Second response....anonymous.... Got pregnant on own in winter 2011 miscarried at 7 weeks; went months with long cycles off and on provera numerous times then had husband tested and some issues with him that can be fixed through ICSI... then did two fr...See More
      • Audubon Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Sounds 
        like you've been through some pretty involved fertility treatments and your situation may be a little more complicated. I would suggest a thorough review of your treatments and records would help me to better answer this question. We are offerin...See More  

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