Fertility: A Live Chat Wrap Up

Ask the Experts- Live Fertility Chat For those who joined us for the Vivere-Audubon Surgery Center Live Facebook chat on Fertility,we thank you. For those who want to see what was asked and the answers, ...

Finding The Right Ob

    In New Orleans, it’s easy to get the name of an obstetrician; the real legwork is making sure he or she is ideally suited for your specific wishes and needs.   Start with the hosp...
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Eight Tips To Help Make Mornings Manageable

Parents from stay-at-homers to astrophysicists report that the single most challenging trial encountered all day is that time from wake up to drop off.  The following suggestions are not guaranteed, but to do n...
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Extreme Parenting

Several months ago a couple in Maryland was reported to the authorities for allowing their children to walk home alone from the neighborhood park. This latest trend is called Free Range Parenting. While I don’t...
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Divorcing: Give Kids Time To Adjust

Many families seek professional advice before, during and after a divorce. This is a difficult time no matter how it is addressed. However, there are standard guidelines that are important for parents to follow...
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Children Suffer When A Parent Is Depressed

How a Mom's Depression Affects Her Kids by Pat Blackwell, Ph.D. Parental depression can have an insidious impact on the psychology of a child. Even infants are at risk of suffering negative consequences of ...
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Building Strong Healthy Family Relationships

Has your family time started to feel more and more like a regimen? Get dressed, eat breakfast, find everyone’s shoes, pack a lunch and go, go, go? Whether you are focused on potty training your three year old, ...
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Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy

  Written by Maria Barrios The ties that bind Why (sometimes) our parents drive us bonkers once we have kids By Maria Barrios   They’re not just your parents (or in-laws) anymore. T...

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