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The Rising Popularity Of C Sections

Written by Tara McLellan  We see the statistics continue to rise. Moms in the United States are having more births by cesarean section than ever before. In fact, preliminary reports from the National Cente...

The ‘Default Parent’ thing really annoys me

by Ann Herren Sept. 5th, 2018 I'm here to call someone out. It may be you.  I guess I'll find out by how much kick-back I get. But I recently saw an article called 'The Default Parent'. And I hear moms blog a...
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Pre And Post Natal Fitness

It ain't easy- staying fit, getting fit, and just trying to manage pain.. but we have a quick and easy round up ( along with benefits and websites) of great New Orleans options... so whether you need to zen out...
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Prenatal Yoga

By Nicole Huskey Prenatal yoga helps women prepare for childbirth both physically and emotionally. One by one expecting mothers walk into the large, open room at Swan River Yoga Studio in Mid-City.  Ingrid ...
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Local Fitness Resources

  Written by Nolababy & Family Magazine   Wild Lotus Uptown 4842 Perrier Street New Orleans, LA 504.899.9947 Classes Offered:prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga www....
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Losing The Baby Weight

Q: I have a three-year-old and my youngest is seven months. My pregnancy weight came right off after my first, but I just cannot seem to get these (substantial) pounds off after this second one. I’ve tried ev...
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Getting Back In The Mood: Visiting In-Laws

Q: I'm the mom to a four month old and a two year old, and to my husband’s dismay I seem to have forgotten how they were conceived in the first place. Any tips for getting that “lovin’ feeling” back into my...
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Getting Mom Fit

  Written by Lynne Dardis Pesce       new year, new you   Why—and how—you should make room for fitness   By Lynne Dardis Pesce   If las...

Drinking Moms

  Moms are drinking more than ever before. Why, and what can be done? In her book Her Best Kept Secret, Gabrielle Glaser traces the history of women and drinking along with the astonishing increase o...

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