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From the Bookshelf – Inclusion Books

April 1, 2021 Suggestions from a Librarian - Inclusion Books   As the publishing industry pushes to diversify itself and the authors it represents, readers benefit from the inclusion of authors who represent ...

New Louisiana Christmas Books for the Family

December 1, 2020 Louisiana has a long and wonderful tradition of producing great, high quality Christmas books for kids. The state is so unique, with many interesting traditions, that there are plenty of opp...
Nola Family Bookshelf

From the Bookshelf: Thanksgiving Family Reading

November 1, 2020 With so many things that seem to be going wrong these days, sometimes it's hard to remember what is going right! And remembering to recognize what we have to be grateful for is what Thanksgi...
Nola Family Bookshelf

A Tribute to Mr. Mardi Gras

September 2, 2020 A Tree in the Sea - Remembering Blaine Kern, Sr. through his joyous illustrations in this children's book written by his wife, Holly Kern. As New Orleans celebrates and mourns the passing ...
Nola Family Bookshelf

A-B-C and 1-2-3 — Louisiana Style

November 15, 2019 Geauxing and good eatin’ serves up reading and counting for Louisiana families. This month, I feature two solidly Louisiana children’s picture books. These newly-released titles are fun, edu...
Nola Family Bookshelf

Life Lessons from Little Laveau

October 1, 2019 The latest installment in the Little Laveau series is here, and it’s the best one yet. The series is about Marie Laveau as a little girl and her adventures with the younger versions of histori...

Making Connections

Kids take the lead with two books that connect intergenerational experiences, nature, life lessons, and their home state. Lucky to Live in Louisiana Kate B. Jerome, Arcadia Publishing As summer winds do...

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