Preparing Your Swimmer And Keeping Them Safe

  by Marshall Love   Parents can help their children to love the water before lessons even start. Take these tips to heart: -Are you a good swimmer? If you aren’t or if you have any fear of the water, ...
mom and baby playing

Language Development Strategies

There’s been a lot of talk about early language development lately: from programs promising they’ll “teach your baby to read” to new research indicating a correlation between teaching hearing babies to use sign...
children playing soccer

Getting Your Kids Into Sports Safely

Whether tots or tweens, they’re ready to play. Here’s how to make the most of team sports.   Back in our day, there were no soccer cleats for three year olds, no T-ball till at least second grade. Organized ...

Camp Ready

Considering camp? Here's a quick Q & A. Q: How do I know a camp will be right for my child? A: The best way is to talk to the director. Ask about their philosophies, about how they handle upset k...
activities list

Afterschool Activities 2016

See our 2017 list here! Does your child want to explore the arts, play a sport, get a leg up on academics (or all of the above)? You can visit our virtual magazine and turn to page 24, or we list them here.  ...

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