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The City Can Be Your Classroom

An ideological leap that every new homeschooler makes is around WHERE homeschooling happens, and that it is not restricted to your home. We’ve mentioned parkschooling, because that happens a lot in the cooler m...
feeling thankful with New Orleans Art Museum

Feeling Thankful at NOMA

During this time of year, I feel especially thankful for all of my family and friends. The people in my life have helped me become the person that I am today, and I am grateful for them! With this in mind, I t...
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How the Homeschooling Journey Begins

Seventeen years ago, I married my best friend and we started this journey together. Sixteen years ago, we experienced our first miscarriage, leaving us uncertain if we would ever be parents. Fifteen years ago...
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Un-Naturally Yours

We had a double whammy this past week.  And just so we appreciated it extra special much, we got our faces full of that double whammy AND a tasty cherry on top in the middle of our neighborhood Walgreens.  With...
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Homeschooling on a Budget

You’ve considered homeschooling, but who can afford it?  You’d have to quit your job or cut back your hours (particularly if your little is little), and even if that isn’t true, you’d have to take the cherub(s...

Fun, Spooky Sculptures at NOMA

Happy October, families! As we look forward to cooler weather, trick-or-treating, and of course, costuming, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite spooky sculptures. Meet Spider by Louise Bourgeois! T...

Creativity Corner with Ms. Elise

Art Museums with Kids blog by Elise Solomon   introduction by Claire Davenport   These days "getting creative" doesn't just mean playing with glue and paint, creativity is a lifestyle and a perspectiv...
homeschool 'class' at the park

Demystifying Homeschooling

  Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers     What a zany start to my first post here for Nola Family, but I think it’s good to get this one out of the way up front.   Probably the biggest misperception folks h...

Half Dozen of Another

  "Our house is like everyone else’s. And… it’s not." by Tracy Breaux   She asked me to write blog posts for her. Regular ones at that. I know this woman has met me before this moment. She’s aware that I’m ...

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