Creating Families: Adoption in Louisiana

The adoption process is a minefield of emotions and questions, but understanding the basics is a good place to start. Chanel Labat had always felt a maternal tug on her heart, especially since her nieces and n...

Spotlight: Crossroads NOLA

In the Greater New Orleans area, there are over 400 children in foster care on any given day. And every day, social workers struggle to find available foster care for these kids. With over 4,000 children in fo...
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Adoption Law New Changes

Legal Insight What’s new on the adoption front Local attorney Noel E. Vargas Jr. has been a part of over 1,000 adoption placements and has assisted members of the Louisiana Legislature...
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Adoptions Stories

  Two local moms share their journeys from start to family Wendy’s story Private adoption, through word-of-mouth Wendy Watters and her husband Christ had one child, Christopher, turning five in ...

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